Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wavy edges cut on border, quilt back pieced together

Tonight I cut wavy edges on the border of Wavy Irish Chain. Now all of the quilt top seams are curved, not a straight seam anywhere.
Trying to find out if there's enough shamrock to cover. Lower piece is a double layer.

Back pieced together. Just covers.

I took leftover shamrock fabric from the Frog Quilt and pieced together the back for the quilt. It just barely covers the quilt top and I may add a narrow strip to the bottom just for safety.

I’m still working on how to hang the quilt. Usually I put triangles in the corners and slip a yardstick-like piece of wood across the top and bottom. With the edges so curved, I’ve been concerned about how to keep the wood from showing from behind the lowest curves.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and use extra big corners and stitch an inch or so from the top of the triangle so the ruler rests well below the lowest curves of the quilt. It works in my head. We’ll see how it goes in real life later.

Tomorrow I may get the quilt sandwich made and begin quilting. Normally I don’t sew on Thursday night as I get home late and I’m very tired. But tomorrow I’ll be getting home earlier than usual, so I just might sew after all.

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