Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Every Seven Minutes Quilt

Every Seven Minutes Quilt
Inspired by the San Diego Trolley
Railroad Crossing blocks
Original design
Partly from stash
29" square
Completed 8/17/2012

Back of quilt

San Diego Trolley
Car is roughly three times as long as it is high. 
Designed strips in the block to be 3" x 1", like the car.
Red in the quilt refers to the red of the trolley.

This quilt has been in my head for at least more than 10 years. The title "Every Seven Minutes" comes from multiple stays at a San Diego motel which was right next to a trolley stop. The cars arrived every 14 minutes, but traveled in both directions. So about Every Seven Minutes, I'd hear the bells at the crossing. The trolley runs almost 24 hours a day. That's a lot of bells!

Somehow this quilt finished fell through the cracks. I discovered the omission a couple of days ago. I'm picking up where I left off in mid-August.

Triangle (square folded on the diagonal) placed in the corner. Will hold yardstick shaped piece of wood for display. Scissor indicates the open space between the triangle and the quilt back.

Binding folded in half, sewn to the back.
If you look closely, you'll see the pinstripe in the backing fabric. I chose the fabric because it reminded me of train engineer's overalls.

Binding folded to the front, machine stitched.

How it looks on the back. The excess binding fabric will be trimmed even with the edges.

After the opposite side is bound, third binding strip is sewn to the back.

Folded and inch or so of binding back on itself, sewed down.

Binding folded to front, stitched down. No mitering. Not my thing.

Scissors again indicate open space on back of the quilt.

Once more, the finished quilt. By the way, this one is for me.


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