Monday, October 20, 2014

Pizza Flowers Quilt Finish

Pizza Flowers
For retiring co-worker Gigi M., who likes pizza and smelly flowers
Mostly from stash
Original design
56" x 64"
Completed 10/15/2014

The petals and leaves are shaped like slices of pizza.
Fusible applique, zigzag stitch with invisible thread around the edges.
Pieces are cut with scissors and placed without trying to be perfectly symmetrical, which gives each flower its own personality.

Colors of the flowers came from the candy jar at Gigi's desk. Blue in border and sashing is similar to a blouse that Gigi wears often.

I delivered Pizza Flowers to retiring co-worker Gigi M. last Thursday. She knew she was getting a quilt, but she didn't know the details. I would see her several times a day, and I'd just giggle as I went past. She giggled back. Gigi is one of my Facebook friends, and to keep her from seeing my blog posts on Facebook, I temporarily blocked her...with her knowledge, I might add. I unblocked her shortly before delivering the quilt, and we're Facebook friends again. It was fun creating a personalized quilt for her and keeping it a secret.

Enjoy your quilt and retirement, Gigi!



  1. Great quilt - so personalized for Gigi!!! I'm sure she was thrilled and loves it!!!


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