Friday, February 25, 2011

Gathering block names

Last night I looked through the many blocks at I found about a dozen block names that seem to relate to my daughter Lisa’s personality and interests. I’ll probably start playing with design in the next week or so.

Have theme fabric

My daughter Lisa is studying to be a nurse. She asked me to make a nurse-themed quilt for her to keep her inspired. I found a cute nurse/doctor fabric by Loralie. I bought a couple of yards of it a few months ago. I forwarded a photo to Lisa and she really likes it.

I'm so sneaky

Wanda is a co-worker and friend. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for her for a long time. I like to design one-of-a-kind quilts for people, incorporating block names and fabric that relate to their personality and interests. Wanda doesn’t share much about herself, so I didn’t have much to go on.

Not so long ago Wanda wore an outfit that was quite striking on her: black slacks, shirt in bright pink with tiny white stripes, and a gray sweater. I knew right away that this would be the color scheme for the quilt. While four of us talked, I tried to memorize the pink color, asking others what color (raspberry, etc.) they thought the pink was. I didn’t come away with a good answer.

I haven’t seen Wanda wear the outfit since then. But I talked to her yesterday, and told her I was really fascinated by the pink color of her shirt. Would she mind bringing it one day so I can take a look at it? She said sure. I didn’t tell her that I planned to make a quilt for her. Aren’t I sneaky?

So, it probably won’t be long before I have the shirt in hand to compare with local fabric and hopefully find a similar pink with a thin white stripe in it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Johnny Garlic's

I was in Sacramento today for my monthly quilt guild meeting. After the meeting I drove a half hour or so to Guy Fieri’s Johnny Garlic’s Restaurant in Roseville. I had French Onion soup which was very nice, and Volcano Chicken—chicken breast with a spicy teriyaki sauce. It was tasty and came with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I also splurged for Bananas Foster, which was okay. I thought it would have more flavor.

I enjoyed my lunch. That makes two of Guy’s restaurants that I have been to. The other is Tex Wasabi in Santa Rosa, which I visited several years ago. There is a Tex Wasabi in Sacramento, as well, and I may go to that one on another trip.

I read that Johnny Garlic’s will be opening in Dublin, CA, about an hour from my home. I go to Dublin several times a year, so I will probably eat there sometime.

Quilt Guild Challenge Blocks

At my last quilt guild meeting we were given a small piece of focus fabric. We could make any block pattern we liked, adding any fabric we liked, as long as it used the focus fabric and measured 10" finished. All the blocks would be combined to make a quilt to be auctioned to benefit a Sacramento area breast cancer center.

I chose Sister's Choice quilt block, because it makes up well as 10" finished and the name is female-related.
The focus fabric has large flowers and I decided to fussy cut the flowers so they are centered in some of the squares of the quilt block. I added a light yellow, medium yellow-green, dark olive paisley and a pink with brown polka dots.
I made two nearly identical Sister's Choice blocks, and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

I'll bring the blocks to tomorrow's guild meeting. I hope our quilt raises lots of money for the breast cancer center.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bought practice fabric

Tonight I went to Joann’s and got some inexpensive fabric (30% off) to try out the new blouse pattern before I cut into my “nice” fabric. If the practice garment doesn’t work out, it’s not a big deal. I’ll find out what to do differently on the real thing.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Have to wait till next time

I had hoped to take the Creativity seminar this month. One is offered in San Jose on Monday Feb. 14th, which happens to be a day off for me. The class is over $100, plus I’d have to take transportation and eating into consideration. All told, the day could run around $250.

I’m planning a trip to visit my daughter in another state at the end of March, which will cost several hundred dollars. I don’t use a credit card anymore so the money for my trips comes from savings. With that in mind, I think it would be wise to wait on the seminar until the next time it comes around. Hopefully there will be another class during the next year.

Hope to start sewing tonight

I’m trying out a new pattern for a blouse. I bought the pattern at a quilt show of all places. The pattern is loose-fitting and easy to adjust. Yesterday I had a friend take a couple of measurements that I couldn’t do myself: wrist to wrist and neck to hem of my shirt.

I bought some fabric a few months ago for this project. Tonight I plan to start working on the blouse. I hope it turns out well.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Raiders Quilt Finished

Raiders Quilt
For housekeeper Cristine's boyfriend Victor
Original design
Four Queens quilt block and variations
62" x 76"
Partly from stash

I finished the Raiders quilt this afternoon.  My housekeeper Cristine was supposed to come over at 3:30 to pick it up after work.  I still had a little bit of tying to do when she arrived at 3:15.  She sat upstairs with me for an hour or so while I finished tying the quilt.

The quilt is for her boyfriend Victor for his 30th birthday.  Cristine asked for Oakland Raiders fabric and I used a couple of different ones.  I needed some clues to decide on a block so I asked Cristine what Victor liked to do.  She said he liked to play poker.  I searched and found a few blocks whose names related to pirates and card-playing.  I chose the Four Queens block.  Using Electric Quilt, I designed the quilt using Four Queens and a couple of simplified variations of the block.  The variations were created from what I learned in the book Hidden Block Quilts by Lerlene Nevaril.  I added checkerboard borders to the top and bottom edges for length.

Cristine really likes the quilt.  I hope Victor likes it, too.
Design notes

Raiders Quilt Top Finished

I sewed together the Raiders quilt top tonight. In the morning I’ll do a pillowcase finish and tie with embroidery floss. My housekeeper Cristine is coming over in the afternoon to pick up the quilt. I’ve got most of the day to finish the quilt.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Checkerboard Borders Done

Tonight I made checkerboard borders for the top and bottom edges of the Raiders quilt. I added the borders to give the quilt more length. I’m done with the piecing. I’ll probably sew the top together tomorrow night. I promised my housekeeper Cristine that she could have the quilt Friday, and she’s coming to pick it up after she gets off work. Friday is my day off, so I have all day to finish it.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blocks Finished for Raiders Quilt

I finished the black blocks for the Raiders quilt tonight. Tomorrow I’ll add checkerboard borders to the top and bottom edges for length. The quilt is close to being done.