Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red Liberated Quilt

Red Liberated Quilt 
Liberated and Improv style blocks
 Mostly from stash
 48" square
 Completed 6/27/2015
 To be donated to a local agency that helps people who have been abused.

The centers of a few blocks are quite old, perhaps dating back to 2003, my first quilting trip, when I visited my daughter Lisa in San Diego. I kept myself busy sewing at the motel while she was at work. I worked through the book Liberated Quiltmaking. Each block is framed with a narrow black border. Some have an additional border of blue print.

Here's a peek at the back of the quilt. I bought the blue print long ago, for this quilt. There wasn't quite enough to cover the back, so I added another fabric, from stash, to fill the space.

This happens to be the eighth and last of a group of quilts that I call Loaves and Fishes quilts. They were funded, at least in part, by a generous Joann's gift card given to me by a group of friends shortly before Christmas 2014. I call them Loaves and Fishes quilts because I was able to make so many quilts with the card. The term refers to the Bible story of the boy's lunch of bread and fish, which multiplied as the disciples distributed it to a crowd of thousands of people. All were fed, and there were leftovers.

Here are the other seven quilts in the group (all throw sized):
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