Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alice's View is Done!

I just finished Alice's View. The quilt is for my friend and co-worker Alice V., and the title of the quilt is a play on her name.  The quilt measures 61" x 61.5".  I was hoping to have it done for her birthday in early October, but it's a surprise and she'll love it even if it's a little late.  I plan to give the quilt to Alice on Monday or Tuesday, after I show it to my quilting friend Judy P.

I've had this project in my head for about a year.  I wanted to create a view from a window, looking out on one of Alice's favorite scenes.  For months I had spies in the office trying to find out where she likes to vacation.  Apparently she and her family don't go anywhere, but she reluctantly conceded that Hawaii would be an okay place to go.  (Whatever. lol)  I also learned that she and her family had recently been to Monterey Aquarium.  So I was really happy to find a panel that looks like a picture window and combines a tropical island with what you might see at an aquarium.

I did general outlining for the quilting in the center panel.

Loop-de-loop free motion quilting in the pieced areas.
 Bird of Paradise blocks to go along with the tropical theme,
as well as Shoo Fly blocks.

 Back of Alice's View
I was concerned about trying to line up the stripes since I quilt in separate large sections, but I'm happy about the result.

Another WIP finished!


  1. Alice's View is lovely! Hope she enjoys it! Fun reading your blog - it's entergaining!

    Joan in Indiana

  2. Beautiful quilt and such a generous gift. I think Alice will be overwhelmed and totally love it! Whether she is able to express it or not !


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