Monday, August 28, 2006


Last week I started a stash quilt called Portholes. I pulled several bright, fun under-sea and island prints which I cut into large odd-shaped chunks. Each chunk will be surrounded by a tropical hue of aqua, green, blue or pink--log cabin style. More than likely this quilt will go to Sierra Vista Children's Center, a local children's shelter, which is my favorite charity for donating my quilts. I hope to finish the top in a week or two. So far the quilt's looking really good.

I Won! Card Trick Quilt

Today I delivered the Card Trick quilt to my co-worker Lola. It was so fun to see the look on her face when I told her the quilt was hers. She was so happy, grinning ear to ear. Lola showed off her new quilt all around the office, as I figured she would. Enjoy, Lola!

Read more about Lola's quilt here.

From The Top

Last Thursday my friend Kaye and I finished a quilt called From The Top. We made the quilt for Tom, the orchestra director at our church, who is leaving to be the worship pastor at a church in the Sacramento area.

About three years ago I picked up a music-themed print, with Tom in mind. The fabric features different instruments, most of which Tom plays, and music. I had intended to give the quilt to Tom later this year for his birthday, but when he told me a month ago that he was leaving, I had to get the quilt done now.

I used the quilt block All That Jazz, and found a couple of coordinating black and white music prints to use in the quilt. My friend Kaye (who sings in the choir and whose husband Doug plays guitar in the orchestra) and I each made two large All That Jazz blocks, I pieced the top together, and Kaye finished the quilt with both hand and machine quilting. Kaye's mother Joanne (who also sings in the choir) helped, too, with the binding and the label.

Last Thursday night members of the orchestra threw a surprise good-bye party for Tom, and I presented the quilt at the party. Kaye wanted to be there, but was busy at home finishing outfits for her daughter Katie's cheerleading squad.

We'll miss you, Tom! Enjoy your quilt.