Friday, February 21, 2014

Cha Cha

Cha Cha
For retiring co-worker Deanna S.
Variation of Harding Hill Designs' Cha Cha Cha quilt
Partly from stash
58" square. Completed 2/19/2014.

I was struggling to find an inspiration for Deanna's quilt, then found out a couple of months ago that one of her nicknames is Cha Cha. I remembered the latin dance themed fabric that had been in my stash for 10+ years. Lots of dances on it, but no Cha Cha. I used it, anyway.

Blocks on the design wall

Main part of quilt top sewn together

Border added to finish quilt top

Once again, the finished quilt 

I gave Cha Cha to retiring co-worker Deanna S. today. She loved the quilt, and I hope it makes her smile each time she sees it. The quilt palette is very bright, but she has a big personality, so the quilt suits her well.

I had the dance themed fabric in my stash for 10+ years, but I didn't yet know what I would make with it. It is listed on my Quilt Ideas vs. Finishes 2014 page as Tango in the Possibilities column. I have a few scraps left, which may be used for a charity quilt.

Check out the colors on the Thank You note from Deanna. They're similar to the quilt!

Happy Retirement, Deanna, and enjoy your quilt!

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