Monday, May 21, 2012

Cadenza Quilt Finished

For co-worker, Facebook friend and fellow musician Ramin T.
Squarish shapes represent music notes dancing across a page.*
Original design. 60" x 72". Partly from stash.
Completed 5/20/2012.

Music themed and coffee fabrics for violinist and Starbucks fan Ramin

Two more music themed fabrics. Roman numerals refer to Ramin's work in the accounting unit of the office.

The black fabric with treble clefs was used as border for the quilt.

Last night I finished Cadenza and delivered it today to co-worker, Facebook friend and fellow musician Ramin T. I post photos and status updates to Facebook about my quilts as I go, and it was fun to make the quilt right in front of Ramin without him knowing that the quilt was for him.

I really like how the quilt turned out and I hope Ramin enjoys it for a long time.

*To see how I made the musical notes, please click here.


  1. It's fabulous! I love how it looks like music, but not really! Very cool!

  2. Thanks, Quilter Kathy. A quilter and singer friend of mine asked me if I was going to put stems on the notes. I told her no. My intent was to do stylized notes, not literal ones. You picked up on that. :)


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