Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make Frog quilt

Frog Quilt
For co-worker Sara T.
Original design
59" square
"It went together very quickly."

How I did it: Co-worker Sara T. is leaving our office to be a stay-at-home mom to her two small children. Looking for inspiration, I looked at her cubicle and saw lots of frog stuffed animals and decorations. So the theme for the quilt is frogs.

I wanted to make a paper-pieced frog as one block, place it near the bottom left corner and surround the frog with lots of green squares. I found a cute paper-pieced frog on the internet, but later saw a panel of frogs in a fabric store. I bought the panel and chose my favorite square. I didn't have much green in my stash so I gathered lots of fat quarters. I pulled a lily pad fabric from my stash and sprinkled a few squares of it in the quilt.

I decided to make scrappy nine patch blocks in green. I usually use my own Organized Chaos grid, but this time I used a Sudoku puzzle solution as my layout. Sudoku is based on the numbers 1 thru 9, so it would work great in my project. I had to repeat two columns and two rows to get a 5x5 grid.

Using a similar procedure as in Organized Chaos, I divided the fabrics into 9 piles, cut the fabrics into strips, then assembled according to the Sudoku layout. As I reached the last 9 patch block I was out of a couple of fabrics, but I borrowed from other piles to get a scrappy block.

For the back of the quilt I used a shamrock fabric, referring to Sara's Care Bears with shamrocks on their tummies.

The finished quilt looks much like I envisioned it. I'll give the quilt to Sara tomorrow, her last day.

Lessons & tips: When you run out of a fabric, see if you have something similar in your stash. The oddball may make the quilt look more interesting.

Resources: Electric Quilt program

It took me 5 days.

It made me Happy

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  1. I luv-LUV your frog quilt! I am a frog collector/addict...I should try to make one similar to would be fun to have to hand with all of my other frogggg-eeee stuff =)



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