Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2011

On Friday my quilting friend Judy P. and I went to Santa Clara, CA for the Pacific International Quilt Festival. As usual, we took the commuter ACE train, which stops just a short walk away from the convention center.

Judy and I saw hundreds of beautiful quilts. Amazingly, I bought nothing despite the many vendors. Usually I am looking for a theme fabric for a future project, but not this time. Judy and I had a great time together.

Below are some of my favorite quilts from the show. It's an eclectic mix of styles. I commented on a few quilts.

These colors make me happy.

This is a pattern, not an entry. I love the color combo.

I love the simplicity of this piece. It's basically two fabrics.

There is actual newspaper as the guy's shirt.

My daughter Lisa is a lifelong Wizard of Oz fan, so I had to take a picture of this quilt.

Pick Up Sticks?

This one made me laugh. So many people trying to find their spot on the beach.

I'm a pianist. My co-worker and friend Ramin T. is a violinist. So I had to get a picture of this beautiful quilt.

The fur of the animals is fuzzy, wooly and 3-D.

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