Monday, September 23, 2013

Make It Monday 9/23/2013

For friend and church choir member Beth M., who LOVES cake.
Cake themed fabrics
Original design
53" x 65"
Completed 9/21/2013


After the first service at church yesterday morning I delivered Cake!, a quilt for friend and church choir member Beth M., who LOVES cake. I came up with the idea a few months ago and told friend and choir member Cheryl Y. I found a bunch of cake-related fabrics online and pinned them to a Pinterest board. I asked Cheryl to take a look. She liked one with cupcakes. (Beth likes cupcakes, too. I asked.) I liked a different cake print, and we both liked a fabric with lots of cake-related words.

I got a little of all three fabrics and created a design to look like a layer cake, complete with raspberry filling and pink frosting. Friend Meg S., and yes, another choir member, also knew about the quilt. I would Facebook message Cheryl and Meg with pictures of the quilt in progress. Friend, fellow quilter and yet another choir member Judy P. knew about the quilt; I would show her pictures on my phone. We were so sneaky!

Beth was very surprised and happy to get the quilt, just a couple of days after her birthday. Enjoy your cake quilt, Beth!

My next quilt will be a charity fundraiser. I'll be using a special fabric for it. Watch for details at the end of the week.

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