Friday, July 16, 2010

Turquoise Strippie Quilt Finished

Turquoise Strippie Quilt
47" x 63"
Finished July 11, 2010
Pattern based on Quick Strippie at
Mostly from stash

Quilt focus fabric is leftover from this dress made for my granddaughter Reghan last year

For more details, please read on.

Design notes

Original color scheme: turquoise, pink, white, deep teal

Not enough turquoise floral for wide stripes, so auditioning orange print to supplement

Removed the pinks

Trying butterfly print as possible medium width strips

Butterfly too busy, trying out another aqua print

Aqua doesn't seem to fit in.  Kitchen sink audition.

Trying two turquoise solids--light and medium

Eliminated light.  Final color scheme.

Wide and medium strips on design wall. 

Design notes

Not enough dark teal for narrow strips, trying some navy in center

Navy seemed to be drawing too much attention, moved them out toward the edges.  Like that better.

Design notes

Narrow strips attached to medium strips

Strips assembled in two large sections to make trimming easier.

Navy strips shortest of the strips.  Marked edge with yellow flower pin (see far left just above the ruler).

Marking the other section

Laid one section over the other, ready to trim edges, then sew sections together.

Main quilt top

Top and bottom borders attached

Quilt top

After doing a pillowcase finish, used 1/4" masking tape to divide the quilt in four parts.  Tied knots in each of the medium and wide strips, using the tape as a guide for spacing.  The borders have knots as well.

Finished quilt

I gave the quilt to my church today.  The visiting pastor will give the quilt to someone who is going through a difficult time.

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