Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blue and Yellow Crumb Quilt Given

Blue and Yellow Crumb Quilt

I finished the Blue and Yellow Crumb Quilt in late May, and gave it to my church to be distributed as the visiting pastor saw fit.  Pastor Cliff visits many sick and home-bound people, does most funerals in the church, and is responsible to distribute food vouchers to people going through hard financial times.  I knew he would find just the right person for the quilt.  I asked him to let me know about the person's circumstances when he gave name necessary, just a little about the situation.

Today I received an email from Pastor Cliff, which touched my heart:

"I am sorry to take so long to get your quilt to someone.

I have given it to a lady in the church who just found out she has breast cancer. She is alone and her family live 2 hours away. I gave it to her today and she was very touched and told me that this was a very down day for her and that she had already cancelled a luncheon appointment because she was so discouraged.

It came at a perfect time for her as far as I can tell.

Thanks again and God bless your efforts in this ministry.


This lady is exactly the kind of person that I want the Blue and Yellow Crumb and the Color of the Month quilts to go to.  I am making the quilts to bring comfort to those going through difficult times, and I'm so happy to know that the Blue and Yellow quilt will make a difference in this lady's life.

Tonight I'll work on the turquoise Color of the Month quilt some more, and deliver it to the church as soon as possible.  I know Pastor Cliff will find just the right person for that one, too.

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