Echoes Quilts

Echoes quilts is a term I use for quilts made from leftover fabrics from earlier quilts. Echoes quilts are donated to charity.

Recent Echoes

A is for Angela II
Created partly from leftovers of A is for Angela. Quilt to be donated to Stanislaus Family Justice Center.
Completed 9/1/2015

Original A is for Angela
For daughter of coworker Margarita A.
Completed December 2011

Created partly from leftovers of Larry
Quilt to be donated to Stanislaus Family Justice Center
Completed 9/2/2015


For former worship pastor and boss Larry B.
Completed April 2012


Echo from 2014

Echoes - Superman
Made largely from leftovers from two Superman-themed quilts
Turning Twenty style
Completed 11/21/2014
Donated 11/21/2014
 To Stanislaus Family Justice Center, a local agency that helps abused people.

Superman print with smaller figures is from a Superman quilt made for my son Robbie.
Print with larger motifs is from a Superman quilt made for friend Andy D.
I incorporated other leftover fabrics from both quilts and added a few miscellaneous fabrics to fill gaps.

First original - Superman
For my grown son Robbie, a Superman fan since childhood.
Completed October 2010

Second original - Superman Opus No. 2 in A Double Flat Minor
For friend Andy D., who is also a Superman fan.
Completed January 2013

There are no common fabrics between the two original quilts, on purpose. I wanted each to be unique. Since this Echoes quilt came from two quilts, I'm callling it a Double Echo.


Echoes from 2012

Echoes - Cathy's Southwest
Centers created from scraps leftover from original Cathy's Southwest
Completed 2/1/2012
Donated 3/23/2012

Original Cathy's Southwest
For co-worker and friend Cathy C.
Completed 12/12/2011

Echoes - Frog Quilt
Centers created from scraps leftover from original Frog Quilt
Completed 3/14/2012
Donated 3/23/2012

Original Frog Quilt
For co-worker Sara T., who left the office to become a stay-at-home mom.
Completed 10/19/2011

Echoes quilts donated to Redwood Family Center, where recovering addicted and alcoholic mothers live with their children.

Thanks to the generous co-workers who have contributed cash, fabric store gift cards, batting and discount coupons to help defray the costs of background fabric, batting, backing and other finishing supplies for the project:

Sharon E.
Misti C.
Tricia T.
Lena R.
Cindy F.
Margarita A.
Thomasina W.
Kathleen C.

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