Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make It Monday 1/14/2013

In Love with Animal Prints
For friend and co-worker Sharon E., who loves animal prints.
Partly from leftovers from earlier Roxanne quilt.
Disappearing Nine Patch variation, strip pieced.
Original layout, partly from stash.
60" square. Completed 1/13/2013.

Print in the smaller squares is from the original Roxanne quilt.
When Sharon told me she admired Roxanne's quilt, I decided to remake the quilt for her. Didn't have enough to make the quilt exactly, so added new leopard print in pink, one of Sharon's favorite colors.

Had a little of the print left from the original Roxanne quilt. Decided to make the most of it by using it on the back.

I often use cute shopping bags as gift bags for quilts. I found this bag at TJ Maxx for $.99! Couldn't be more appropriate for the quilt.

Original Roxanne quilt, made about a year ago
Leftovers of the print in the large squares was used for In Love with Animal Prints

I gave In Love with Animal Prints (formerly Roxanne 2) to friend and co-worker Sharon E. today, for her birthday. She was so surprised. I had misled her into believing the quilt was for my daughter-in-law Laurie, whose birthday is later this week, and who also loves animal prints. Sharon follows my quilting progress very closely, and is my quilt delivery buddy at work, taking pictures as I just enjoy the moment. It was fun to make the quilt right under her nose. She had no clue the quilt was for her.

IKEA fabric

My next quilt will be based on some travel fabric, which I ordered from eQuilter.com a couple of days ago. While I wait for the fabric to arrive, I plan to work on a sleeping bag for my 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter Piper. Last year I bought 2 yards of IKEA fabric, which has mountain goats, referring to one of my nicknames for Piper: my little mountain goat. (She's a climber.) A month ago I bought a comforter at IKEA for the inside of the sleeping bag, which should keep her nice and warm, as well as provide a little padding. Pink fabric will go on the inside of the bag. I am still trying to decide how to close the bag. I bought a long zipper (maybe 72") at Jo-Ann's, but may end up using ties. We'll see.

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What are your quilting plans this week? Please leave a comment. I'd love to hear about them.

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