Thursday, January 03, 2013

WIP Wednesday 1/2/2013

Superman quilt
Just finished
Details to be posted tomorrow

Back of quilt

I just finished the Superman quilt. Partly because it's late, and partly because I need to keep the quilt a surprise, I must hold off on details until late tomorrow night. There is quite a bit to tell about the quilt. Tomorrow.

Fabrics for my next project

At the last Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting, quilters were presented with a design challenge. We were provided a beautiful set of fat eighths, with which we could make anything we wanted. (I'll give more details after I confer with the guild leader.) The project would be due in January.

Soon after I signed up to do a blog hop called In Your Words, which starts very soon. So I've decided to combine the two challenges, using the fabrics above to satisfy the guild requirement and incorporating words, a requirement of the blog hop.

As I said in an recent post, I have a set of words that describe me, but no design yet. I'll come up with something over the weekend.

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  1. Your superman quilt is too much fun and very clever!

    1. Thanks, Dee. It was fun to make the quilt for my friend Andy.

  2. What a cute quilt! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for the Blog Hop too. Good work!


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