Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas Quilt Delivered

Christmas themed quilt
 Fundraiser for local charity
Top made from stash
Includes Snowball blocks
Original design. 60" square. 
Began 11/30/2013. Completed 12/4/2013.

A few Santa themed squares on the design wall

Main part of quilt top sewn together
White in the Snowball blocks was bothering me. Too bright.

Considered several fixes, including subbing in a light green.
In reality I was on a tight deadline and had no time to undo stitching, re-make the blocks and sew the blocks into the top.

My solution: add more white! I ditched my plan for a dark green border and subbed in white, hoping that the Snowball blocks would make more sense.

Quilt top finished
In person, the border reminds me of the white trim around Santa's outfit. The Snowball blocks look like big buttons. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Trying a new batting: Buffalo Batt Comfortloft (Jo-Ann's)
90" wide, folded once on the bolt
I bought six yards, enough for three quilts.

I've been using packaged Soft N Crafty for a long time. Lately the wrinkles have been getting on my nerves, as they stay in even after letting the batting breathe for 24+ hours. Hoping this new batting will work better for me.

Results: The batting works beautifully for me. It lies nice and flat, with no wrinkles.

Finished quilt


I delivered the quilt to Bethany Christian Services yesterday. The quilt will be sold this weekend at their annual fundraiser. I hope the quilt brings lots of money for them.

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