Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Purr-fectly Purple

Purr-fectly Purple
For retiring co-worker Sherrie S., who loves cats and purple.
Partly from stash
Puss in the Corner quilt blocks.
Original layout. 55" x 62"
Completed 3/3/2014

Chose one of the cats from the print and enlarged it to form the center feature block, which is constructed with zigzag applique technique.

Picking up where I left off on the previous post:

Auditioning fabrics for Puss in the Corner blocks
Decided to use mostly lavender, as it would let the cat stand out better.

Lavender strips attached to sides

Strip set

Sub cuts

Sub cuts attached to top and bottom to complete the block

First set of blocks done

Remaining four blocks (mostly black with lavender corners) finished

Extra pieced strips added to make the quilt larger

A peek at the back of the applique block

Main part of the quilt top sewn together

Border added to complete the quilt top

Once again, the finished quilt

I gave the quilt to Sherrie today. She will retire at the end of the month, but her birthday was a couple of days ago so I gave it to her now. She loves it.

Enjoy your quilt and your upcoming retirement, Sherrie!

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