Thursday, March 06, 2014

WIP Wednesday 3/5/2014

I'm working on a couple of art quilts for a fundraiser for Stanislaus Family Justice Center. Local artists chose pieces of art made by young clients of the center, to inspire a new piece made in the artist's media of choice.

Here is the piece I chose, largely because it seemed easy enough to make into a quilt. Actually, this was my second choice. I had my eye on another, but it got taken by someone else. More on that on a later post.

After I posted the inspiration piece on Facebook, quilter friend Connie L. offered this Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. They are two identical panels, each with a sun and moon.

For quite a while, I had the idea to try to re-create Leslie's drawing using the caterpillar fabrics. But during the last couple of days I honed in on Leslie's statement that she likes art because she doesn't have to think about anything else. What is my equivalent? It's the beach, truly my happy place.

Sketch of the beach. On the left is the caterpillar on a beach towel, wearing sunglasses.

I've had this fabric for several years. Possibility for the sand, but I'm afraid the footprints are way out of proportion. Kind of scary, actually. I set aside for some other project.

Here's a scrap leftover from a recent project. It looks like linen but could be acceptable as sand, as friend Thomasina suggested. (This fabric was the back of several pillows we made together.) On the right is the reverse side of the fabric, which is lighter than the original.

I usually use polyester batting for blanket sorts of quilts. But for art quilts, that I'd rather not be so puffy, I use a cotton batting. This is a craft size, which will make several small quilts.

I cut a piece a little larger than 8.5" x 11".

The moon will become the sky.

Cut out piece

Even the widest section doesn't quite cover the batting.

So I trimmed off a little.


The green area will become the sea. It even seems to have some waves in it.

Sea piece cut out

Trying out the water and the sand. I like the curved shape where the water meets the sand.

Wrong side of tan fabric. I like the subtlety.

Folded down a little of the top edge, folded up some of the bottom edge.

The star of the quilt: the caterpillar

Caterpillar placed on the quilt

Eye of the sun will become a hat.

Hat placed on the caterpillar's head

Stars in the sky will become starfish on the beach.

Auditioning placement of starfish

Starfish trimmed up

Moth wing will become a sailboat

Sailboat in place

I'm happy with the way it looks. Thursday night I'll probably sew down the pieces with invisible thread.

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  1. Lovely work. What you have done is very creative and whimsical. My kids and I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I have some of the fabric there to do something with but it hasn't reached the top of the MUST DO pile yet.

    1. Thanks, Philipa. There is one panel leftover, which will probably be used to make a charity quilt or two.


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