Sunday, January 19, 2014

Signature Quilt Finished

Edna's New Signature Quilt
For retiring co-worker Edna N. 
Blocks signed by 69 co-workers, collected over many months. 
Quilt's title is a play on Edna's name. 
Partly from stash. Original design. 58" x 75". 
Completed 1/19/2014.

Early last year I gave a list of employees to Edna, asking her to highlight those she had worked with closely over the years. There were 67 names! 

Blocks like this were passed around the office, 6-8 people at a time. With each batch I included about a dozen blocks, in a variety of colors. It took many rounds to collect all of the names. Masking tape prevented people from writing in the seam allowance. Freezer paper ironed to the back of the block gave the fabric stability and kept it from wiggling as people signed.

Blocks on the design wall
All told, there are 69 names (two unexpected participants). There were three spaces left, which I filled in with Congratulations, Happy Retirement, etc.

This and the next couple of photos - trying to find a good balance of colors

A sequence of blocks stacked on my ruler. Makes it easy to transport to the sewing table.

Lower left quadrant sewn together

Quilt top in four large sections

Main part of quilt top sewn together

During a conversation with Edna, I learned that red is her favorite color. So I chose to use it as the border. The blocks were made from scraps. The border is new fabric, but seems to go well with the "old" fabric in the block.

Quilt top done

Once again, the finished quilt

I plan to give the quilt to Edna on Tuesday, her next to last day. I'm hoping she'll allow the quilt to be displayed in the central hallway of the office, so that those who signed blocks can see the finished product.

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  1. Be prepared for tears!!! Edna is a very lucky lady to have you as a friend! Totally cool :)

    1. Thanks. I'm happy to do this for her. I think Edna will ne blown away by how many people participated, and that the signing was going on all around her.


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