Saturday, January 24, 2015

Click! Click! Click! Click!

Click! Click! Click! Click!
For drummer and church band buddy Austin M.
Partly from stash
Original design
51" x 66"
Completed 1/7/2015

Drum-themed fabric. White free-form Xs imitate drumsticks, with four Xs in each row to represent four beats in a typical measure. Title Click! Click! Click! Click! is the sound of the drumsticks being hit together at the beginning of a song to set the tempo.

Theme fabric, purchased at Pacific International Quilt Festival last October
This print was just right for drummer/percussionist Austin.

I've been planning to make a quilt for Austin for a couple of years, since delivering Superman Opus No. 2 in A Double Flat Minor to mutual band friend Andy D. I presented the quilt to Andy on his birthday, after a band rehearsal. Austin saw the quilt and asked jokingly if it was for him. Turns out Austin and Andy have the same birthday! I decided right then and there that I needed to make a quilt for Austin.

Fabrics for the quilt, gray and off-white from stash

Electric Quilt sketch

Testing width to make drumsticks

Trying out drumstick shape with scrap fabric
I considered slashing squares, inserting strips, then slashing again and inserting additional strips.
I decided it would be easier and faster to applique strips to background fabric.

Scrap fabric

Pressed one edge

Pressed the other edge

I like the dimensions of the finished strips, which will represent drumsticks.

Took width-of-fabric strips of the gray, divided in fourths, marked with nips in the fabric.

Masking tape at the quarter marks

One strip marked with masking tape

Trying out set of drumsticks

Four sets of drumsticks

Pinned in place

More pins

One drumstick folded back out of the way while the other is sewn in place

One drumstick sewn down

Both drumsticks sewn down

One strip done

Strip with theme fabric

Three strips completed

Drumsticks trimmed even with background

Drumstick strips and theme fabrics

Trying out rust strip

Rust strip is a bit shorter than theme fabric and a lot shorter than the drumstick strips.

Added chunks to both ends of rust strips

Dots indicate seam where extra rust fabric was added.

All strips sewn together

Edges trimmed

Just a few inches of rust fabric left. That was close.

Border added to complete top

Once again, the finished quilt.

Enjoy yor quilt, Austin!


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