Friday, April 01, 2011

Nurse Quilt Finished and Delivered

How Are We Feeling Today?
For my daughter Lisa, who is studying to be a nurse
Original Design
Red Cross 2 and King's Cross Blocks
60" square


Design notes

"She was so surprised!"

How I did it: My daughter is studying to become a nurse. She asked me to make her a nurse-themed quilt to keep her inspired. I found a cute theme fabric, then chose a nurse-related block: Red Cross 2. I designed the quilt using Electric Quilt, and chose another block, King's Cross to fill the corners.

I shopped for fabric, found the basics, then chose one wild print for the background. Ordinarily I wouldn't have selected such a busy print, but my daughter has a big personality and she told me to go crazy with the quilt, so I did!

I drew my own paper-pieced patterns, constructed the blocks, then joined them together. After doing a pillowcase finish, I tied with embroidery floss.

I finished the quilt in time to take it with me on my recent trip to visit my daughter in another state. I was able to squeeze the quilt into my little suitcase along with my clothing, etc. My daughter knew about the quilt and had hoped I would bring the finished quilt with me. However, she gave up hope when she saw my tiny suitcase because she didn't think the quilt would fit in it. She was so surprised when I gave it to her the next day at a party in her honor!

Lessons and tips: Keep the recipient in mind when choosing fabrics. My daughter loved the wild print, which was outside my own comfort zone, but it was just right for her.

Resources: Electric Quilt

It took me 3 weeks.

It made me Happy.

See more progress on: make Nurse quilt for daughter


  1. It's lovely, and it's a really great "ah-ha!" moment when you start thinking as the recipient for gift quilts.

  2. This "old" nurse (30 years since my graduation) thinks it's an awesome quilt. To your daughter: welcome to an awesome calling.


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