Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eight pizza blocks finished

I’ve finished half of the 16 pizza blocks for Pipes and Piperoni. They look pretty good.
I get home late tomorrow night, and in order to proceed I needed to do some prep. While it was still light outside I set up the last 8 pizza blocks: I took a sheet of tracing paper that had the inner pizza square printed on it and taped the paper to the window—creating a makeshift lightbox. (An alternative to the window would have been the television, but the glass is curved plus I didn’t want to scratch the glass with pins.) I placed a triangular shape of the pepperoni fabric over the tracing paper, lining it up so that the edges of the fabric covered the printed pizza slice, then pinned the fabric to the paper. I did that for all 8 of the remaining pizza blocks. Now I’m ready to start sewing tomorrow night even though I get home after dark!
Hopefully the last 8 pizza blocks will take me just a few days to finish. I expect the sashing and cornerstones to be very quick to assemble.

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