Friday, December 14, 2012

Manny, ådai - Quilt Finish

Manny, ådai
For co-worker Manny E., who loves cats
Partly from stash
Cat themed fabric, Puss in the Corner blocks
Original design
52" x 64"
Completed 10/10/2012


Cat themed fabric had been in my stash for many years

I realized that I hadn't posted about this finish from October. Manny, ådai (pronounced a-day) for firend and co-worker Manny E., who loves cats. My mother was from the Pacific island of Guam. When she would get frustrated with one of us kids or our dad, she would say, "Oh, (fill in name), ådai!" We didn't know what the word meant exactly, but we knew she wasn't happy with us. You could tell the level of frustration by the tone in which the phrase was delivered. Recently I looked up the word in a Chamorro online dictionary: For pete's sake (interjection); for crying out loud (interjection); for goodness sake (interjection). My sister Cass has a stronger interpretation of the word, but I won't write it here.

One day I told Manny about "ådai" and it has become a friendly greeting between the two of us. Of the hundreds of times we've uttered "Debbie, ådai" or "Manny, ådai" there have been a couple of occasions when the phrase was used appropriately. But all in fun.

The cat fabric was in my stash for many years and was one of my favorites. I decided some time ago that Manny was the person to get a quilt made from it. The print is fun and, in my opinion, the colors are masculine enough for a guy. Puss in the Corner blocks seemed the purr-fect (oh, Debbie, ådai) choice.

Enjoy your quilt, Manny!

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    1. Thanks, Jenn. I think I shared the cat fabric and my plans for the quilt at one of the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meetings, but had made and given away the quilt by the time the next meeting came around. I don't think the group got to see the finished quilt.


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