Tuesday, February 24, 2015


For now-retired co-worker Brenda A.
One large Storm at Sea quilt block
Partly from stash 
59" square
Completed 1/14/2015

Brenda loves lighthouses. Apparently the lighthouses in the print are real ones, as Brenda was able to identify several. Co-worker Holly T., who carpooled with Brenda for years, helped me by choosing between two lighthouse prints, and by deciding between several color combos.

Electric Quilt Sketch

Lighthouse fabric
I think I picked this up at a quilt show, in anticipation of making a quilt for Brenda.

Fabrics for the quilt
White on white fabric is from stash.

Needed one large square of theme fabric for the center, and four smaller squares for the corners. After thinking about it a lot, decided to cut the large square from one edge of the fabric, leaving a large piece of fabric to fussy cut the smaller squares.

Using a pre-made template (tracing paper) to determine the center of the large square.

Turns out the template was a little small, by 1/4" in both directions. I usually mark the corners of the template, then cut. But this time I relied on the markings of the cutting mat.

Center square cut
I chose one large Storm at Sea block to be able to show off the lighthouses well, and not cut them up too much.

I wanted to have at least one of each lighthouse, whole. In this photo you can see different lighthouses marked with flower pins, with plenty of space between each for cutting.

Using a small template (gridded plastic) to define a square

The five fussy cut squares. Every variety of lighthouse is shown intact.

Medium blue triangles added to the large square.

Light blue triangles added

White-on-white print added to a small square

Medium blue triangles added

Marked large rectangles with diamond shape (sewing line)

Trying out an oversized triangle to see if it will fit

Yep, it will work!

Triangle sewn

Triangle pressed

View from the back

Not shown - white trimmed even with blue edge

As seen from the back, after most of blue has been trimmed away.

View from the front

Second white triangle attached

Red triangles attached to complete the unit

View from the back

Squares (9 of them) laid out on the design wall

Squares sewn together

Border added to finish the quilt top

Once again, the finished quilt

Brenda was very happy with her quilt. Enjoy retirement and your quilt, Brenda!



  1. Lovely quilt I think I'll do something simulair with a panel I have! Thank you


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