Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hearts Wallhanging Done

Hearts  19"x29"

Tonight I finished Hearts, a wallhanging I started about a year ago for Valentine's Day.  The heart shapes are all a little different from each other.  I drew lots of hearts on paper, then chose my favorites.  I traced the shapes onto the dark red fabric, which I had previously backed with fusible web.  Once the hearts were arranged I ironed them into place.  That's as far as I got last year.

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I decided I'd go ahead and finish it.  After viewing several tutorials on the Internet about machine applique, I chose a tight zigzag.  For stabilizer I used plain binder paper on the back, sewing through the heart, background and binder paper.  After the applique was done most of the paper came off, but a little remains in the zigzag stitches on the back, which doesn't really bother me.  The paper will never be seen.


With the applique done, I made the quilt sandwich with scrap batting and the same green fabric for backing. I machine quilted in a loop-de-loop pattern. Here's a tip I got from Ami Simms' website:  Before attaching binding, I took 4" squares and folded them on the diagonal, forming triangles. I placed a triangle in each corner of the back of the quilt, raw edges to the sides of the quilt. The corners will hold strips of wood for hanging. I attached the binding, and voila!  Another WIP was done.

Close-up showing one of four triangles that will hold strips of wood for hanging


  1. Debbie, That is really sweet. Love your colours. Hugs Morgan

  2. These are called Fast Finish Triangles and they were "invented" by Terry Chilko one of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative supporters. The AAQI has a tutorial on how to do this:


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