Friday, February 14, 2014


Free-pieced, all from stash and scraps
11" square
Completed 2/14/2014


I just finished Hearts, a little wallhanging that I started and set aside a couple of weeks ago. It's still Valentine's Day in my time zone, so I finished within my own self-imposed deadline.

The top was already done, and I did an escape hatch finish, with backing made of the same sweet off-white print as the quilt top. I have to admit I didn't layer the quilt sandwich properly and later ended up cutting through the batting to get to the escape hatch, but all turned out okay.

Once the quilt was turned right side out and the escape hatch closed, I did some light machine quilting - basically outlining the hearts and stitching near the edges of the quilt.

I like my little quilt, and I plan to have it on display long after today, Valentine's Day.

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  1. Love your skinny hearts! They look like hearts, the letter 'V' for Valentines, and little birds who everyone knows transport them for us across the miles! So cute!

    1. Thanks, Michele. I've had mixed responses to the quilt. Some see hearts and some see Vs. One person yesterday saw checkmarks. :) For now I have the little quilt on display at the entrance of my temporary cubicle, but I'll move it to my regular office when I move back there in March.


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