Monday, February 24, 2014

Make It Monday 2/24/2014

I'm just starting to work on a quilt for retiring co-worker Sherrie S., who likes cats and purple.

I found this cute fabric online. It combines cats and purple pretty well.

Fabrics for purple cat quilt
The lavender is from stash. There were two bundles of it, which looked very much alike. I compared the color dots on the selvage and they seem to be the same. I'm saying they are. Neither bundle was enough to create the design below, but between the two, there's plenty. Woo-hoo!

Electric Quilt sketch
Large squares in purple/multi-colors represent the cat theme print.
The central white square won't actually be white. I plan to use a dark purple background and applique one of the cat figures to it.

I made this little quilt in July 2012. When Sherrie saw it on display at my desk, she told me she wanted one like it, but as a cat. The dog above is a variation of Dazzling Dog by Amy Bradley. Amy has cat designs, too, and I had chosen one for Sherrie's quilt. But now that I have the purple cat fabric, I'm going to try to re-create one of the cats on it.

This is the cat I chose. Isn't he fun?

Here's an idea of how the 8" finished square will look.

Although Sherrie is retiring near the end of March, I plan to get her quilt done and delivered a few weeks early, more in line with her birthday.

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