Friday, February 04, 2011

Raiders Quilt Finished

Raiders Quilt
For housekeeper Cristine's boyfriend Victor
Original design
Four Queens quilt block and variations
62" x 76"
Partly from stash

I finished the Raiders quilt this afternoon.  My housekeeper Cristine was supposed to come over at 3:30 to pick it up after work.  I still had a little bit of tying to do when she arrived at 3:15.  She sat upstairs with me for an hour or so while I finished tying the quilt.

The quilt is for her boyfriend Victor for his 30th birthday.  Cristine asked for Oakland Raiders fabric and I used a couple of different ones.  I needed some clues to decide on a block so I asked Cristine what Victor liked to do.  She said he liked to play poker.  I searched and found a few blocks whose names related to pirates and card-playing.  I chose the Four Queens block.  Using Electric Quilt, I designed the quilt using Four Queens and a couple of simplified variations of the block.  The variations were created from what I learned in the book Hidden Block Quilts by Lerlene Nevaril.  I added checkerboard borders to the top and bottom edges for length.

Cristine really likes the quilt.  I hope Victor likes it, too.
Design notes

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