Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recent Echoes Quilts

Echoes quilts is a term I use for quilts made from leftover fabrics from earlier quilts. Echoes quilts are donated to charity.

A is for Angela II
Created partly from leftovers of A is for Angela, made a few years ago.
Based on Craftsy class Dot to Dot Quilting. Quilt to be donated to Stanislaus Family Justice Center.
42" square
Completed 9/1/2015

Original A is for Angela
For daughter of coworker Margarita A.
Completed December 2011

Improv quilt created partly from leftovers of Larry, made a few years ago.
Quilt to be donated to local agency.
45" x 60" 
Completed 9/2/2015


A few units made from scraps

For former worship pastor and boss Larry B.
Completed April 2012


Quilt Finishes

Here are some quilts I've finished in the past few months.

Sew, How Do You Take Your Tea?
For retiring co-worker Karen L.
Original design
59" square
Completed 7/8/2015

Inspiration ideas provided by Karen: purple, royal blue, mauve, quilts and tea. Karen hopes to learn to quilt, and the quilt's title is a deliberate pun, combining sewing and tea.

Improv - Aqua Room
Pieced improvisationally. Color combo inspiration came from an aqua room seen on Pinterest. Completely from scraps. Free motion quilted. 
20" x 25"

Pieced units, sewn improvisationally, trimmed to workable sizes. I worked with multiples of 5" finished, so my units were trimmed dimensions of 5.5", 10.5", etc. This helps the pieces fit together easily. I recommend Cheryl Arkison's class Improv Quilting Basics at, which I enjoyed.

Jeweled Stars
For coworker Becky T.
Inspired by one of her shirts that already looked like a quilt.
Original design
 52" square 
Completed 8/27/2015

Close-up of Becky's shirt, which inspired the quilt. I borrowed the shirt at least once. She knew that I might make a quilt based on it, but she had no idea that the quilt would be for her.

Improv 3
Free form and improv style. Most blocks made during various quilting trips.To be donated to local agency that helps people who have been abused. 
56" square 
Completed 11/8/2015

Some of the blocks above began as units made during quilting trips, I added strips and scraps to make the blocks bigger.

New units made from trimmings and smaller scraps