Thursday, June 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday 6/26/2013

San Francisco Giants quilt
For retiring co-worker Fred A., who is a Giants fan.
Nine patch blocks chosen for the significance of the number 9 in baseball (players, inning).
Shading of nine patch represents bases (home, first, second, third).
Original design
60" x 66"
First fabric cut Friday 6/21/2013
Quilt completed Tuesday, 6/25/2013
(Five days)

SF logo is an iron-on found at Ebay.
Fused to background, then stitched around edges.
Had been planning another Giants quilt for someone else for months, but had trouble finding Giants team themed cotton fabric. Considered many possibilities, including a Giants t-shirt center. Very happy with my final choice.

Peek at the back of the quilt

Purchased the logo online, purchased orange fabric before the logo arrived. The oranges worked together pretty well.

Logo against black background, as it would appear in the quilt. Looks good.

Nine patch blocks on the design wall

Filled in with black background squares

Trying out the logo
By the way, the size of the logo (8" tall) determined the size of the nine patch and background blocks (9" finished)

Ran low on black fabric, short one block, which I pieced.

Trying out the logo

Sewed plain blocks to top and bottom of logo square, to help center the logo. Once fused, stitched around the edges for security during washings, etc.

Logo fused, stitched

Blocks sewn in columns
I usually sew blocks horizontally in rows, but went vertical this time because of logo unit.

Blocks sewn together

Black border added
If you look closely you'll see that the border is slightly lighter black than the rest of the quilt. There wasn't enough of the original black fabric to do the border so I found a black in my stash. It almost looks planned.

White border added to top and bottom - to lengthen the otherwise square quilt.

Orange border added to complete the quilt top

Once again, the finished quilt

I gave the quilt to retiring co-worker Fred A. today. He loves his quilt and says he knows just the spot for it in his "man cave." Happy Retirement, Fred!

Follow Your Dreams Electric Quilt Sketch
Blocks will be scrappier than shown

The next quilt is for recently "retired" co-worker Cherish V. She and her family are packing up and moving to a beautiful part of the state to begin a new adventure. Originally I had planned this quilt to be blue and white, after snooping around Cherish's office. Fred and Cherish's departures took me by surprise and sent me into a little panic. Running out of time to make her quilt before her last day at work (about a week ago), I confessed my intentions to Cherish, who informed me that she really loves green. So, she's getting a green and white quilt. I plan to use mostly stash and scraps for this quilt, except for a recently purchased dark green for the border and which will be sprinkled throughout the blocks.

This will be a quick quilt, another Four Day Wonder. I want to finish it within the next week, before Cherish moves out of the area. Cherish and I are Facebook friends, so we'll be able to communicate easily and make arrangements for the quilt delivery.

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