Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
For retiring co-worker Linda C. 
60" square. Mostly from stash. 
Started 12/11/2013, completed 12/16/2013.

During my spy mission of Linda's cubicle, I noticed she had several pictures of dogs. She also wears black and red fairly often, which helped determine the color scheme for the quilt. She dresses in a classic style, so I kept the quilt design rather simple.

I gave Dogs, Dogs, Dogs to retiring co-worker Linda C. today. Linda was very surprised, never expecting a quilt. As it happens, Linda happened to wear an outfit in black, red and gray today. She coordinated perfectly with her quilt!

Dog fabric squares laid out on the design wall
I cut double layers, and alternated Front and Back layers for symmetry:

Vertical strips attached

Horizontal strips attached

Main part of quilt top sewn together

Close-up of quilt top
Lots of dogs!

Border attached
The red really makes the quilt sing.

Once again, the finished quilt

I may be able to squeeze in one or two more quilts by the end of the year. One quilt is due shortly after the new year begins. It is another dog themed quilt, for yet another retiring co-worker. I have looked online and pinned several possibilities to Pinterest. One cute print may be found locally, so I will check it out tomorrow night after work.

The other possible quilt would be for my granddaughter Piper. She's three years old, and I've made her two quilts so far: Piper's Polka Dots and Pipes and Piperoni. But she's still two quilts behind her older sister Reghan, who had four quilts by the time she was four. Grandma needs to get busy. I looked at Jo-Ann's last night, in search of the cute frog fabric Piper liked on our visit together about a month ago. But the print I found last night didn't seem right. I'll check online to see if I can find the one we saw before.

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  1. Wow! It turned out great. I bet she loved it.


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