Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent Finishes 12/30/2010

Here are three quilts that I've made during the past few weeks.  I will write detailed entries with more photos and design notes later.  But for now, enjoy!

It's Been a Delight, Betty
For fellow church orchestra member Betty D., who plays violin.
Betty's Delight quilt blocks
58" Square
Original design
Finished November 28

Betty's Delight quilt block with music print

The Commish (formerly Mystery #3)
For Ken H., an attorney in my office who recently became Commissioner/Judge
Features Minnesota (Ken's home state) and Courthouse Star quilt blocks;
 the color navy (he served in the Navy);
medium blue represents the background of the Minnesota state flag (perhaps not the authentic blue, but close).
58" x 70"
Original design
Finished Dec. 22

All Kinds
(Bucket List Quilt)
For my brother Wayne, who loves all kinds of sports
All Kinds quilt block and variations
Features multi-sport print
56" x 78"
Original design
Finished Dec. 27. A few hours later I traveled over 300 miles to Los Angeles area to deliver quilt personally.

All Kinds Block with multi-sport print

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