Saturday, December 04, 2010

Liberated Shoo Fly Quilt

Shoo Fly blocks -- Liberated Quiltmaking style

I'm working on a charity quilt made of Shoo Fly blocks in the Liberated Quiltmaking style, all from stash. Originally the quilt was to be made up of sixteen 12" blocks, with a border to make a lap sized quilt. It was to be given to my church and distributed to someone going through a difficult time.

I had about half of the blocks made up, when I heard about the need for quilts to be given to an orphanage in Mexico. The quilts would be delivered as part of two church missions trips in January and April.

I talked to the organizer of the quilt project and found out that the quilts needed to be 66" x 88" to fit nicely on bunk beds. So, I had to alter my original design, as the quilt would not be large enough. The new design is 35 blocks--19 more than I had planned. With other quilts pending soon, I didn't want to make a whole lot more Shoo Fly blocks. So I will piece just a couple of extra blocks, and will fill in with plain fabric blocks. Hopefully I have enough fabric without having to piece. A narrow border will bring the quilt top to the required size.

I'll have the blocks finished tonight, and will assemble the quilt top tomorrow. That will be the end of my part of the quilt, as another participant in the project will quilt with her longarm machine.

By the way, there is a need for more boys' quilts, as there are plenty of girls' quilts already made.  My original intent for the quilt was that it would be appropriate for a male.  That worked out, didn't it?


  1. Very nice of you to enlarge the quilt so it will fit on the bunk beds. I had to take a peek as I am also working on a liberated shoo fly quilt - haven't worked on it for a while - am hoping to get more done this month. My blocks are all random colors though so not like yours at all... Will be fun to see how you finish this up!

  2. This is just wonderful, Debbie! It's hard to pick and choose between so many places that would love a quilt. But I think you've made a great choice and this is going to be a fabulous quilt!!!


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