Monday, March 14, 2011

Liberated Shoo Fly Quilt Finished

"I hope it brings a child some cheer."

How I did it: Last fall I had made some blocks for a charity quilt. Then I decided to give the quilt to an orphanage in Mexico through my church. The quilts needed to be a certain size, and I had to add lots of big squares of fabric to make mine big enough. After I finished the top, I gave it to the ladies who were coordinating the church project. They machine quilted the top and gave the quilt back to me to finish.

I took the completed quilt to work today to share with the co-workers who contributed money and discount coupons to help purchase finishing supplies. Tomorrow the quilt will be picked up from my house, and later this week a team of members of my church will take my quilt and many others to the orphanage in Mexico.

Lessons and tips: To save money, use your fabric stash as much as possible. My quilt top is made entirely from stash. Don't be afraid to ask for monetary help. Post flyers at work, asking for cash and discount coupons to finish your quilts. This gives non-quilters a chance to participate even if they don't sew. Try Wal-Mart for cheap but durable sheets for backing.

Resources: Joann's fabric store: batting
Wal-Mart: inexpensive sheets

It took me 3 months.

It made me Happy

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