Thursday, March 03, 2011

Have a design, bought some fabric

Nurse Quilt EQ6 Sketch
Floral areas represent Nurse/Doctor theme print

Tuesday night I created a design for the Nurse quilt. I like to tie in block names with the individual’s personality and interests. My daughter Lisa is studying to be a nurse. I chose Red Cross 2 block because it relates to nursing, and the block will be used in five of the 9 blocks. I used King’s Cross block for the corners—not because it has anything to do with Lisa, but because it looked good and it created a frame around the quilt.

Tonight I shopped for fabric. I found a mottled medium dark olive, a medium dark pink with a subtle dot, and a solid burgundy. I needed a background, and considered several tone-on-tones and prints. After a long search, a very bold jungle leaf/animal print caught my eye. Did I dare use it? My daughter told me to go crazy with the quilt. Okay!

I had one discount coupon on me, and the gal at the cutting table loaned me her personal coupon. I don’t like to pay full price for my quilting supplies, so tonight I ended up getting only two fabrics: the olive since there wasn’t much left of it, and the bold leaf/animal print. As for the other two fabrics, there was plenty of each of them and I can pick them in a few days. I have to go back anyway to give the cutting table gal a replacement coupon from my own flyer.

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