Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sailboat Quilt Finished

I finished the sailboat quilt today. There's a twist: The quilt is not for Joann. It is for my daughter-in-law's mother Nell, and I've been making it for her all along for her birthday this month. Joann Sets Sail was a cover name, in case Nell happened to look at my blog. There really is a JoAnn; she is my co-worker and my daughter-in-law Laurie knows her. JoAnn and Laurie both knew about the quilt and its true recipient. Aren't we sneaky?

The quilt has been re-named On the Ocean Blue. I gave the quilt to Nell today at a family get-together celebrating several August birthdays. Nell was very surprised and happy with her quilt. Enjoy the quilt, Nell! And enjoy reading about it on the blog!

On the Ocean Blue (formerly known as Joann Sets Sail)

Quilt back. Sailboat theme fabric used as backing for the outer border.

Another WIP done!


  1. The Quilt ist very beautiful and the sailboat fabric ist perfect für the pattern.

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  3. Thanks for making it for my mom! She loves it! I enjoyed the look and shock on her face as she opened the bag. It is a beautiful quilt and perfect for her. You know...I still think mine is the most beautiful quilt ever!!!


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