Monday, August 10, 2009

Three Quadrants Finished

I've finished three of four quadrants of the Ocean Waves blocks. I'm nearly finished with the fourth quadrant. I had to re-do one section when I made a bad cut on one of the sailboat corners. I sliced off the good half instead of the "waste" half. Crud! I was able to put together another section with one of the leftover half square triangles and scraps.

The other day I went to Beverly's to pick up more sailboat fabric, which I needed to finish out the last quadrant, and to serve as backing for the borders. There wasn't much fabric left on the bolt, which surprised me since there was a lot just a couple of weeks ago. Who else would want my fabric??? Anyway, I needed 1 3/4 yards, and there were 2 1/8 yards left. I bought the whole piece. Whew, that was close!

I'll finish the last quadrant tonight. Tomorrow I'll play with the arrangement on the design board and start sewing together.

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