Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Between Quilts

Now that I'm finished with On the Ocean Blue, I don't know which quilt I'm supposed to work on next. I usually get prompted by the next quilt a week or two before finishing the current project. But now and then, I enter this limbo time.

I have several WHIMMs (Works Hidden in my Mind) to choose from, as well as a few WIPs (Works in Progress). But none of them are begging for my attention at the moment.

I may go ahead and do a quick charity quilt top just for something to do while I wait. A cute cartoonish cat fabric has been wanting to become a quilt for a while. I usually do Turning Twenty style quilts for charity, with lots of fat quarters. But I have yardage this time, and I'd like to make the most of it. Last night I looked through some quilting books, hoping for inspiration. Not there yet. I'll keep trying.

Meanwhile, I need to clean up the debris left over from the last quilt, make a new pair of pants, and catch up on some bookkeeping. Hopefully I'll be quilting by early next week.

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