Friday, January 04, 2013

Superman Quilt Delivered

Superman Opus No. 2 in A Double Flat Minor
For Andy D. - friend, orchestra leader, fellow band member, one of my bosses at church, and Superman fan
Superman themed fabric, music fabric
Handy Andy quilt block
Original design
Partly from stash
55" x 66"
Completed 1/2/2013

Close-up of Handy Block, a great choice for a guy named Andy.
Fussy cut center square. Music fabric represents Andy's musical talents, and was used originally in It's Been a Delight, Betty.

Quilt back

Close-up of quilt back. Alphabet A-Z, repeating represents Andy's writing.
Quilt title decoded: Opus refers to Andy's music This is the second Superman quilt I've made. (See the first one here.) A Double Flat Minor is a musical joke because that key doesn't exist in normal music; the phrase also contains Andy's name.

Superman themed fabric, bought months ago

I gave the Superman quilt tonight to Andy D., who is my friend, orchestra leader, fellow band member and one of my bosses at church, where I am paid to play the piano. Andy is a Superman fan, and I've been planning to make this quilt for over a year. Early last year I asked Andy's wife Suzy when Andy's birthday was. It had just passed. Darn! I would have to wait a whole year. Well, that day came today, Andy's birthday.

I gave the quilt to Andy just before orchestra rehearsal, then I had to run over to play piano for choir. Andy said he'd show the quilt to the orchestra. Andy's cousin and flute player Bonnie A. didn't make it tonight. I'm hoping drummer Austin M. (whose birthday is today, also) will fill me in on how it went. Andy was surprised and very pleased. It was fun to finally present the long-awaited quilt.

I had to be very careful about posting on Facebook and on this blog about the quilt. I am not Facebook friends with Andy or his wife Suzy, but we have quite a few mutual Facebook friends. I blocked Andy and Suzy temporarily, and hoped that the quilt would remain a secret.

On Sunday I brought the quilt top in progress to church to show to a couple of friends. The band, including Andy, was gearing up to rehearse for the second church service while friend Lena R. hunched down in a pew and looked at the quilt top in secret. I was needed at the piano and Andy even walked toward me to get my attention. The quilt hurriedly was put back into the bag and Andy was none the wiser.

I often share my quilts in progress with Andy, but at the end of the church service I said nothing about the bag I carried. When Andy was busy backstage I nearly told Suzy about the quilt but decided against it.

I enjoy creating titles for my quilts. This time last year I thought of the name Superman the Musical, but when I Googled the phrase I found that there was a Broadway show about Superman. Who knew? That kind of took the wind out of my sails. Fast forward to last night. I had just finished the quilt and was getting ready to write the label. What should I call it? Superman 2. Nice.  But if I called it Opus No. 2 not only would it indicate the second Superman quilt, it would bring in the musical element at the same time. Done.

After I had gone to bed at 2:30, I couldn't turn off my mind. I needed to give the Opus a key signature, like B Flat. Hmmm. How about something ridiculous that would include Double Flat or Double Sharp - not used in normal music? It also refers to my frequent assertions that I can play in any key, and for recent Sundays when nearly every song was in the dreaded key of B, with its many sharps and black keys. ("This Sunday is brought to you by the key of B," said by yours truly.)

I played around with different combinations and liked the sound of A Double Flat. Then I realized that the phrase included Andy's name. Whoa! Okay, then it needed to be Major or Minor. I went back and forth before deciding on Minor. And that's how I came up with the title Superman Opus No. 2 in A Double Flat Minor.

I made the first Superman quilt for my son Robbie a couple of years ago. Earlier this week I posted about this second Superman quilt. Robbie posted a comment: Huh? He thought the quilt was for him! My daughter-in-law set him straight, though, letting him know the quilt was for someone else - without revealing who the someone was. The conversation actually made me chuckle. Poor Robbie.

Once I set my mind to make the second Superman quilt, I decided not to repeat any fabrics or blocks from Robbie's quilt. Andy is a sweetheart of a guy, and kind of my second son, but Robbie's quilt needed to be unique and special. I'm glad I made that decision. However, I'm thinking about combining fabrics from both quilts to make an Echoes quilt - with the possible title of Superman Remixed.

Andy has two young boys. I imagine they will fight over their daddy's quilt. Not to worry. It's sturdy and made to be used. Here's to many memorable hours of Andy and the boys cuddled up together. Enjoy, Andy!

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