Friday, January 03, 2014

First Quilt Finish of 2014

Colorful, Comical Dogs
For retiring co-worker Tricia T., who likes dogs and wears purple quite often. 
Original design. Partly from stash. 60" square. 
Began 12/28/2013. Completed 1/1/2014.


Found the adorable dog print during an online search. Was able to purchase locally.

Fabrics for the quilt, some from stash

Electric Quilt sketch using Organized Chaos grid

I found this scrapbook paper at Jo-Ann's and created a new pattern for my Organized Chaos grid. The scrapbook paper has five colors, like my original grid.

The quilt pattern is the same as San Francisco Giants, which I made last June. Testing the size of the blocks to be sure I get at least one "whole" dog in each square. Looks fine.

First nine-patch block

Background is the fabric for the border. The darker purple is from my stash. I'll use both purples for the nine-patch blocks, placing the darker purple ones on the edges. Without some sort of narrow border between the blocks and the border, at least in my head, an identical fabric would seem to "bleed" into the border. Probably no one would notice but I'm weird that way.

Darker block on the left, same border fabric in the block on the right. Both set against the border fabric. There's just enough difference between purples to make me happy.

Blocks set on the design wall
Starting at the top right and coming downward, I'm not too happy about the repetition of colors (pink, purple, orange and red). Seems too uniform. I'd rather have a more random look.

Did a little tweaking and I'm happier with the layout.

Added the theme fabric squares

Trying out the border fabric

Main part of the quilt top sewn together

Cute doggies!

Quilt top finished

This is what was left of the white thread after I sewed on the last border to the quilt top.
Good thing I bought another spool that afternoon.

One of the darker purple blocks against the border. I like it.

Again, the finished quilt.

I gave the quilt to Tricia T. yesterday. Her last day is today. She was surprised and likes her quilt. Enjoy your quilt and retirement, Tricia!

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  1. I love the doggies! Quick first finish of 2014. I am trying to finish my first today... We shall see how that goes. Miss seeing you at the quilt guild meetings. I still have not found a group here in Nevada. But maybe this summer.

    1. Thanks, Melody. We miss seeing you, too. Hope you find a group soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations online.


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