Monday, March 29, 2010

Hawaiian Coins Done!

Hawaiian Coins  60" x 63"
Chinese Coins Pattern

I finished Hawaiian Coins last night.  I brought it to work today and gave it to Dave, the director of our office, who retires tomorrow (Tuesday).  Dave often has given silver coins as awards, and is retiring to Hawaii.  Hence, the name Hawaiian Coins. 

There is loop-de-loop free-motion quilting on the black areas only.  I left the coins columns unquilted.  I tried a different technique for the quilting phase.  The quilt was divided into three large sections, as usual.  I quilted the center area separately.  Then I took one side section and joined the layers to the center section a la Kaye Woods' 6-Hour Quilt, pressed open, sprayed a little 505 to keep the "new" layers still, then quilted the black columns in the newly joined section.  Then I joined the other side section, pressed, sprayed and quilted.  I think I like this method, partly because I was able to avoid the zigzag join that I usually have used.  I'll try to remember to show detail next time I use it.

 Sample of airplane fabric that has yet to arrive from Canada.
I surrounded the little piece I had with light aqua fabric from stash.
It became the label area on the back.
I included "Airplane!  Debbie's Favorite Movie" on the label.

 Here is the backup airplane fabric I bought at Britex in San Francisco a couple of Fridays ago.  It doesn't quite have the same effect as the classy, vintage looking one, does it?

 Isn't this backing fabric great?  I found it at Joann's on Saturday. 
I thought I was going to have to settle for a solid.  I love it!

 Back of the quilt

Another WIP finished!  Okay, I've made two quilts from scratch in less than a month.  (The other is Fonda's Blue and White.)  What a relief to have them done!  At the moment I have no quilt deadlines, and I'm enjoying a nice relaxing evening.  I'll go back to working on my own Papillons de Paris.  Then I'll make a little quilt for my new granddaughter Piper, who will be making an appearance sometime in May.

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  1. Hawaiian Coins is beautiful - wow those blues GLOW! Love the backing fabric, too. Looking forward to seeing just how you added those back sections. :-)
    Laura/Sugar Land, TX


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