Monday, March 01, 2010

Hawaiian Coins

Hawaiian Coins

Okay, I'm crazy.  Last week our office learned that our director, Dave I., would be retiring at the end of March.  This came as a surprise to many of us.  Today we got an email from our assistant director that we will be having a going-away recognition at our upcoming officewide meeting later this month.  The theme is coins.  Why?  Coin collecting is one of Dave's hobbies.  Also, often he gives silver coins as employee awards.  As I read the email I got the inspiration to make a Chinese Coins quilt for Dave.  Since he is retiring to Hawaii, I decided to use a cool tropical palette in blue/green/purple and name the quilt Hawaiian Coins.  The borders will be in black.

On the way home tonight I picked up 8 fat quarters, and I'll shop my stash for more fabric.  The EQ sketch above shows uniform coins, but I'm thinking of doing a variety of depths, maybe 1" - 2.5".  I plan to do a lot of strip piecing and use my 6" ruler to cut columns of coins.  This should make things go pretty quickly.

I let Tamara, our assistant director, know I'd be making a quilt, that I wasn't sure I could finish the quilt by the March 17 meeting, but I could get it done before the end of the month when Dave says Aloha to the office.  Tamara is excited about the quilt. 

I'll be busy!


  1. I love the idea, it is going to be a great quilt and it should go together relatively quickly, the quilting is another matter. I hope you will take a picture of it when the top is completed, I'd love to see it. And Dave will also love it, how could he not.

  2. Debbie's Favorite Daughter-in-LawMarch 2, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    So much for working on your quilt...isn't that how it always goes? Next thing you know your second granddaughter will be here and screaming for her quilt!


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