Monday, March 22, 2010

Fonda's Blue and White

I'm still waiting for the airplane fabric to arrive from Canada.  With my absolute deadline for delivery looming, I'll have to set a cutoff date, and if the fabric hasn't come by then, go ahead without it.  I found a cartoonish airplane fabric at Britex in San Francisco on Friday.  It's my backup, just in case.

Meanwhile, I'm working on another quilt with a quick deadline.  Fonda P., a co-worker, is retiring on Wednesday, two days from now!  She is Dutch and very proud of it, collects blue and white Delft type of pottery and figurines.  I tried to find a little Dutch girl fabric online, but had no luck.  So I'm sacrificing part of a fabric with blue and white teapots.  (I love blue and white and I love teapots.  I go ga-ga when they're together.)

For the quilt design I'm using Windmill blocks with blue fans and white-on-white backgrounds.  Most of the fabrics are from stash, save a couple of fat quarters and a bit of new white-on-white.  Alternate squares will be the teapot fabric. 

I started sewing the Windmill blocks on Saturday, and have all 13 blocks finished.  Tonight my goal is to get the top pieced and the quilt layers sewn together pillowcase style, ready for turning.

No time to post pictures right now.  Got to get sewing!

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  1. Can't wait to see pics. I too love all things Delft.


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