Friday, May 29, 2015

Recent Quilt Finishes

I am way behind on posting about some recent quilt finishes. Here goes.

A Day at the Beach
For retired co-worker Shelly S., who loves to go to the beach.
Partly from stash
 52" square
Original design
Completed 3/19/2015

Beach related theme prints: sand castles, footprints, sun hats and flip flops
I ordered the sandcastle fabric online. The other prints are from stash.

Initial collection of fabrics (hats added later)

This flipflop fabric had been in my stash for years. So cute.

This fabric had been in my stash for a long time, too. A hat comes in handy at the beach.

The next two quilts were made for my granddaughters Reghan and Piper, sisters whose birthdays (late April and early May) are about a week apart. The quilts were given at their birthday party.
Diamonds for Reghan
For granddaughter Reghan for her 9th birthday
Original design
59" square
Completed 4/24/2015.

I had intended to use a subtle lavender print for a more modern look. Found a couple of possibilities at one store, then saw this purple animal print at another. The quilt went a different way than expected, but I think it works. Diamond happens to be Reghan's birthstone.

Inspiration for the quilt - a portion of Reghan's bedroom wall

My Little Mountain Goat
For granddaughter Piper for her 5th birthday
Original design
52" square
Completed 4/24/2015

The center fabric is from IKEA and features mountains plus a couple of goats on a bridge. Delectable Mountains blocks in groups of five and three represent Piper's birthday of May 3.

There is a story behind the IKEA fabric. Several years ago I found the fabric online during a search for mountain goat fabric. It was by far the cutest print. The nearest IKEA is in the Sacramento area, about an hour and half away. At the time I was going to Sacramento once a month, so during one trip I visited IKEA on the way home, saw the fabric but passed it up because I wasn't ready to make the project (sleeping bag) yet. I figured I could get it any time.

A few months went by, and I was ready to make the quilt. When I visited IKEA, they were remodeling and the fabric department was closed. No! It would be a few months before it was open again. I kept checking every now and then, and finally was able to purchase a yard and a half to make the sleeping bag. Hooray! I took the IKEA fabric to Joann's and found pink fabric for the lining of the sleeping bag, along with a very long zipper. I set the bag aside.

A couple more months passed and I was ready to tackle the project. I found the bag with the pink fabric and zipper, but no IKEA fabric. I looked all through my fabric stash, but never found it, even to this day. I called Joann's to see if it had been found there but no luck. I gave up on making the sleeping bag and bought sleeping bags for both granddaughters to use at my house.

The fabric in Piper's quilt was bought on Ebay last fall. I was very happy to finally have it again and to make a quilt for my "little mountain goat" with it.

SF Giants Double Header
For retired co-worker Ed L., a Giants fan
This is the second time using this design (see the first one here), so I titled the quilt Double Header. 
Logo (purchased on Ebay) fused, then stitched around edges
Nine patch blocks at 9" finished (baseball references)
Original design
60" x 70"
Completed 5/10/2015

I finished another quilt a couple of days ago, but I'll post that one separately. I have a couple more in progress, to be completed very soon.


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