Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Liberated Quilt Top

Quilt top I finished recently

I started with a group of blocks, some made in Liberated Quiltmaking style, some leftovers from other blocks.

I attached a narrow black border to each to square them up.

To the smaller blocks I added a blue print, which I bought years ago for this project. I intended to use the print as the quilt's border. I figured that adding the print to some of the blocks would make them larger, plus tie the inside of the quilt to the outside.

I added a red border to each block to bring each to a specific size. The red had been in my stash for a few years.

Blocks all sewn together. I liked the bold red background, and decided not to use the blue print as the border. However, I will use the blue print on the back of the quilt, which will tie the back to the front.

I hope to finish the quilt this weekend. The completed quilt will be donated to a local agency that helps abused people.



  1. The red background really is bold and sets of the blocks very dramatically. Such a wonderful donation to make, one that I am sure will be very appreciated.

  2. Thanks, quiltmusings. I have a saying: "Never apologize for color." I hope the quilt brings a bit of cheer to a child who could really use it.


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