Thursday, December 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday 12/12/2012

During the past week I've finished two quilts: Steelers and Cars. The quilts are for the young sons of friend Jennifer A. I finished Steelers in time to deliver to Jennifer on Sunday, after the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I finished Cars tonight, and Jennifer will pick up the quilt when she comes to my area to see my daughter Lisa, who will be visiting for Christmas.

The quilts are reminiscent of a scrappy checkerboard quilt I made for Jennifer, my daughter's best friend since elementary school, when she was a girl. I hope the boys enjoy their quilts for a long time.

56" x 72"
Partly from stash
Completed 12/8/2012

56" x 72"
Partly from stash
Completed 12/12/2012

The next quilt is for co-worker Chris L., who will retire very shortly. Her daughter Misti happens to be my supervisor, so I asked Misti for color ideas, which are burgundy and mustard yellow. My vision is scrappy burgundy squares, a narrow border in the mustard yellow, surrounded by a wide border of burgundy.

Electric Quilt sketch for Chris L.'s quilt

Burgundy fabrics

I gathered three burgundy fabrics from my stash. The dark burgundy in the center of the photo above will form the border and will be scattered among the scrappy squares, as will the solid burgundies seen near the bottom of the picture. Also in the photo are seven fat quarters, just bought tonight, that seem to go well with the dark burgundy. I may find scraps of burgundy that will work, as well. There is a nice mustard yellow in my stash that I may use (not pictured).

I plan to use a Stack the Deck method to construct the scrappy nine-patch blocks - in the hope of creating very scrappy blocks with many variations.

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  1. Oh those quilt finishes are great! Good job getting them done in time for Christmas!

  2. Your quilts are just gorgeous.Love them!

  3. Lovely quilts, the burgundy and mustard sounds a beautiful combination.


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