Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel Quilt Finished

Rosa's Travel Quilt
For friend and co-worker Rosa M.
Modern City Blocks
Original layout, mostly from stash
58" x 70"
Completed 2/25/2013

Rosa and her family go on daytrips together, usually to the ocean, but Rosa prefers to go to the city. So I made a city-themed quilt. The fabric, part of a five-piece panel, is actually New York City. But I think it could pass for San Francisco, one of Rosa's favorite places, and only a couple of hours away.

Back of quilt, completely from stash

Yellow seashell fabric represents Rosa's family trips to the ocean. Office fabric, which was in my stash for years: Rosa and I work together in an office, in cubicles. Until just yesterday, when I moved to another part of the office, Rosa and I sat in the same row together for several years.

This morning I delivered the travel quilt to friend and co-worker Rosa M. She was very surprised. Since Rosa is a Facebook friend, I was very careful not to reveal who I was making the quilt for.

I adapted Lyn Brown's Modern City Blocks, re-sizing from 16" tall (finished) to 9.5" tall (finished) to accommodate the 20" square city themed pictorial fabric.

The quilt is made almost entirely from stash. The only new fabrics are the city themed fabric and the black sashing.

Enjoy your quilt, Rosa!

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  1. It is wonderful Debbie. I am sure Rosa will enjoy it for years.
    Well done.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Rosa explained the different parts of the quilt to her family, who thought it was neat, too.


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