Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Quilted Birthday Card - Lola

Mixed Media Quilted Birthday Card - Completed 7/1/2012
For friend and co-worker Lola B., who loves all kinds of games.
Mostly from stash
Fabric, paper, buttons, beads
Original design
7.5" x 8.5"

Possible makings for the quilt

Scrap - strip is too long and too narrow

Folded in half, cut on the fold and stitched

Pressed seam open - much more workable shape now

Quilt sandwich

Pinned to hold layers together

Sewed inside the edge, maybe 1/2"

View from the back

Did a bit of free motion quilting

View from the other side

Auditioning a strip of fabric to cover the center seam, I like it.

Folded long edges under, pressed. I like the asymmetry.


View from the back

Trimmed off excess

Zigzagged all around the edges

View from the back

I like the magazine GAMES. I usually buy one for vacation. I wanted to use the title from one of the covers, but apparently I tossed all of the magazines. (Darned decluttering.) So I printed this title from the Internet. Going to try to transfer to the packing tape - something I read about through Pinterest.


Covered with tape

Soaking in water

Oops. Didn't turn out the way I hoped. Oh, yeah, it works on laser printing, not jet.

Can barely read the text

Plan B - Print title onto card stock. 

Experimented printing to plain paper to get the placement right. Then taped the inside of a card to paper and printed. I like the body of cardstock.

Some quotes cut from the sheet of scrapbook paper

Layout - Dice and cards are buttons

Hand of cards "button" has no holes to sew it on. Hmm.

Most of the paper pieces taped down for sewing

Sewn in place

GAMES title taped down, overlapping the other piece a little

All of the paper sewn in place

Dice buttons sewn on. Hand of cards still loose.

Bottom half seemed a little empty. Added some black beads.

So far, without the hand of cards

Used Aleene's Okay to Wash It glue to attach the hand of cards. Let dry overnight. Hadn't used with plastic before, but seemed to secure next morning.


View of the back



  1. Oh yes I love games and my birthday card! thank you Debbie

    1. You're welcome, Lola. I had fun making the card for you. Glad you like it.



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